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galleries and more - december 2001 surfing

updated thu 17 jan 02


Helen Bates on wed 16 jan 02

Hi all,

Here is a number of sites I visited in December.
(I had to go to the Library to surf then email myself the results.)

Here they are then...

Galleries and more - December 2001 surfing

Designer Crafts on Main
An excellent group of artist potters and sculptors working in clay is
represented online.
John Hesselbreth has pots at this gallery (although none are online at
this time.) :-/

Museum of Overbeck Art Pottery (Cambridge City, Indiana)
Margaret, Hannah, Elizabeth, Mary Frances Overbeck.
These sisters were potters in the later 19th. and early 20th. Century.
Elizabeth studied for a time with Professor Charles Binns of Alfred U.
Several small to medium pictures of their work.
Also mini bios of the 4 and their two other sisters and one brother.
The name tile "Overbeck Pottery" is clickable to enlarge it.

Armand Fernandes
Many others at this excellent site (commercial gallery for fine
Garth Clark Gallery

Imperial Tea Court
Hong Kong native Roy Fong's traditional Chinese teahouse in San
Francisco, USA.
An extensive site with education on the two Chinese tea preparation
Gongfu (uses Yixing pottery); and Gaiwan (uses glazed covered tea bowl
for the infusing of tea)
Apropos of the Clayart discussion of stove-top tolerant clay
- here is a "large earthenware kettle" for which the claim is made
that it is safe for stove-top use.
There is much to see on this site, and most links work well and
quickly. -

Edie's Good Things (Clay Gallery)
There are a number of potters represented at this store:
Veryle Lynn Cox; Yvonne Hegney; Nancy Fargo;
Barking Spider Pottery (Rebecca Plummer and Jon Ellenbogen);
Eileen Lovinger Black; Christopher Rumme; Millman Clay Studio;
Nancy Darrell; Daniel LeHardy; Asheville Tileworks & Pottery
(Diana Gillispie and Anne Alexander); ;Lynn Jenkins;
Mangum Pottery Pottery; (Rob and Beth Moring Mangum); Lambeth

List of British Potters
Search function, map function etc.
Already a great resource - I found Morgan Hall's site with the Powys,
Wales list.
Seagreen Ceramics Services Glaze Calculator program for download
Has databases available for download for raw materials available in
several countries.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - The Collection: Musical Instruments
Beautiful Ceramic horn from France (19th. Century)


Shipibo Pottery
Pictures and text about pottery made by Shipibo Indians from The
Amazon Jungle Of Peru.
The article claims there is still headhunting going on... Hmmm!
Anyway, the after-firing designs done on the bonfired pottery vessels
are great.
Excellent forms.
This is part of the Peruvian imports site: online retail site
I recently cited this location for pottery from Chulucana, Peru.

Elegant Porcelain Soperas
These are Cuban made elegantly hand painted religious ceremonial style
soup tureens.
The home page of this site belongs to an organization called Folk
Many pictures of Cuban-African religious and spiritual materials,
ceremonies, and practitioners.
Extremely colourful.

Keeling Ceramics Company
Handle cutting machine for pottery cups (UK) (Staffordshire company)

Big Ceramic Store
Tip of the Week by Cindi Anderson
(47 and counting when I visited in December 2001)


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