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?fas w/w-out f-t studio exp(was mfas...)

updated fri 18 jan 02


Katheleen Nez on thu 17 jan 02

There are a couple of 2-yr (now 1 4yr, in Museum
Studies) postsecondary institutions (boarding turned
trade schools) funded by the BIA where one can get as
much experience as one wants in whichever field of
study offered. Haskell, in Lawrence KS, SIPI in ABQ,
IAIA in SF - they make sure you know the score before
they give you the degree. If you're a 2-D major at
IAIA, you hafta take some 3D classes, and vice versa.
Everyone takes Business Principles for the Artist. And
2 yrs of Drawing. And Art History. You are encouraged
to leave with a portfolio and also do a graduating
show. Some alumni go on to other art schools to get
reg. degrees, others just go home and make stuff. A lg
percentage of alumni come back and teach the next
generations. If you got the instructor who did the
wunnerful graduate school tour, you probably got some
esoterica - if you got the instructor who just did
enuff to get a teaching cert. you didn't talk, you
just Worked. Alot of people I've met who went to
regular art school never had to do a lot of the things
I did...sooo, since I don't have all those advanced
degrees, I'll accept donations to fund my trip to
Graduate School...preferably Cranbrook (or somewhere

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