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another 'tile' scenario...

updated fri 18 jan 02


Philip Poburka on thu 17 jan 02

Dear Craig,

This doesn't sound good at all...!

It is bound to flex especially on the "8 ft" sides...and make troubles.

My guess...

The two-bye material does not sound good for this situation.
'Perssure' treated or no...edgewise or no...

Otherwise, if a 'pallet-jack' IS going to be available for moveing the
thing...why not just make it out of 'ferro-cement' or the like, as the =
'Kaiser' Landing Craft or other 'Boats' were or are yet?

Or like a big 'laundry' sink...?

Be a lot easier...'tile' that with ease and confidence...the 'weather'
wouldn't hurt it either, if it is to be outside...

Las Vegas...

----- Original Message -----
From: "Craig Martell"
Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2002 12:11 PM
Subject: another tile scenario

> Dear tile gurus:
> I have to make a tile pool. The dimensions are 8ft x 3ft x 22inches
> deep. This thing has to be moveable too. So the way I'm thinking =
> approaching the job is as follows. It needs a fat rim so folks will =
> place to park their butts while they gaze at the fish or pick out the
> change for a bottle of Red Stripe. I am thinking of framing the pool =
> pressure treated 2 x 6s and placing the frame on a 4 x 4 base with =
> for a pallet jack so moving will be easier. I will sheath the framing
> Duroc (cement board) and tile over this. Do any of you think I need =
to do
> anything to the Duroc other than apply mastic or mortar to set the =
> will, of course, seal the grout etc once the project is finished.
> thanx for any help, Craig Martell in Oregon
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