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studio animals (was dogs)

updated sat 19 jan 02


Katheleen Nez on fri 18 jan 02

When I Lived On The Land, out in the country...I first
worked out of my ex-husband's old wood shop/a
windowless shed 8'x8'. I moved the little Brent out to
the doorway during the day to throw. My fowl were
free-range, so I would have this audience - some
chickens, but mostly my 2 geese, my Tom (turkey) would
settle in and watch me throwing. I started putting
food & water out in front of my door - I never quite
figgered out what was so fascinating. Later, I
graduated and built my own shed, framing offa pallets
I scrounged and anchoring the whole shebang in place
with lengths of re-bar. This one had windows,
insulation, sheetrock, electricity (I wired myself),an
almost brandnew florescent shop lamp hanging from the
ceiling, and one wall contained a formica countertop
(someone had ripped it out to install tile in their
house) Needless to say, the Brent kickwheel wouldn't
fit, so it moved outside. I miss my animals, but they
frown on livestock in the city (I know, I had 2 in the
pine tree in my backyard, but that another story..).
Now all I have is Dick/my cat, all he does is drink
the throwing water or occasionally step into the
interior of some pot - I leave the print...

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