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brush and tool storage idea

updated sun 20 jan 02


becky schroeder on sat 19 jan 02

rearranging the studio today - what i do when i am clueless as to what else
to do- and invented something kind of nifty i thought i'd pass along.

couldn't figure out what to do with all those square 1 inch extruded tubes i
made for glaze testing. i always have brushes and tools with no homes so
decided to herd up all the squares and put them upright on a plastic lazy
susan and then stretched a huge rubberband meant for holding molds together
around all the tubes. i probably have 30 of them lassoed together. then i
just stick my brushes and tools in them and walla. instant access with
minimum room taken up and all those pesky glaze tests put to use. probably
only the 12,000th person to think of this but what the hell, i never heard
of it before.

becky schroeder (aka hellowheeze wannabe)

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