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college bashing - the real truth

updated sun 20 jan 02


C. Burkhart on sat 19 jan 02

This past fall, 42 percent of the students in the nation's colleges and
universities were 25 or older, according to the Education Department. That's
up from 28 percent in 1980, before so many working women began to enroll.

Colleges compete vigorously to attract those 6.4 million older college
students, who are in the vanguard of more than 70 million adults their age
who will take some sort of job-related or personal development class,
seminar or workshop in the coming year.

One could reasonably argue that the welfare of many community colleges is
enhanced with a state subsidized continuing education program. With this
additional funding a greater number of instructors remain employed in often
under-utilized facilities, not to mention the benefit to the surrounding
community. However, it should be the obligation of the facility to impose
fees and regulations to benefit all parties. The operative word is
c-o-m-m-u-n-i-t-y. So those who rebel against the older students in 'your'
facility, get over yourselves or move out of the way.