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updated sun 20 jan 02


iandol on fri 18 jan 02

Dear Janet,=20

I had a discussion a long time ago with a local silversmith. His work is =
exported around the World. Objects and jewellery from his studio is =
marketed in New York and Germany.

He put it this way. "I give a wholesale price plus delivery expenses. If =
a gallery wants to mark that up by five hundred percent, that's their =
business. They sell my stuff like there will be no tomorrow and the =
repeat order roll in. they know what the market will accept how it will =
respond. they market me, they advertise, they promote. Yes, heavy =
expenses but we all benefit, producer, seller and client" He employs =
three artisans to keep up with the demand and contracts out his gem =
cutting. David did work for him for a while

Great stuff this exporting. I was told this week that my best customers =
ar the Japanese. Now that is selling coals to.... where was that place?

Cheer up Lass and try to have a better year.


Ivor .