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overseas pottery education??

updated sat 26 jan 02


Cindy Romanski on thu 24 jan 02

Dear Clayarters,

I am looking to further my education in pottery and would like to find an
excellent program overseas. I am applying for a one year scholarship that
allows me to choose the school and I want to find the best program I can. I
already have a Bachelors of Visual Arts and am seeking a one year
certificate program or a Masters of Fine Arts (depending on funding for
second year). I have a strong interest in wood/salt firing and would love
to find a program that is strong in this area. I am interested in almost
any country as long as my scholarship will be applicable; it will need to
be an english speaking country or english taught. I would love suggestions
as to where to look on the web or books I could consult. I have had some
trouble with the regular overseas study websites because what I seek is so
I appreciate any help in this regard and thanks in advance,
Cindy Romanski
508 693 6326

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Alisa og Claus Clausen on fri 25 jan 02

Dear Cindy,
The School of Ceramics and Glass is on the island of Bornholm,=20
Denmark. John Gibson is the leader for the
Ceramic area, also founder of the school. He is himself an ex patriot of=20
England. The school is a two year program and
John told me that they are able to accept ca. 17 students from ca. 100=20
applications per year. If this is of interest to you,
the address is
John Gibson
Kildevad 6
Denmark 3730 Nex=F8
Tlf. 45 5649 1003
fax 45 56 49 1004

There is also the only real pottery school in all of Denmark, I mean purely=
production, and that is very near my town,
EUC S=F8nderborg, ca. 5 year program.
The leader there is Johan Grasberger (Austrian) and the tel. no. 45 7412=

Otherwise for a shorter stint, you could contact the
International Center for Ceramics
in Sk=E6lsk=F8r, on Sealland.
You can do a residency there for 6 weeks. They have three outdoor kilns,=20
anagama (Fred Olsen), a boureybox and a gas. I do not know if they=20
salt. Super spot on the this earth. Their email is=

The Danes all speak English more or less, absolutely those mentioned=20
above. Let me know if you need any other info. I can contact these places=
on your behalf.

regards, Alisa in Denmark

Janet Kaiser on sat 26 jan 02

I missed your post, but if you are looking for post graduate college
courses abroad and would consider the UK, please see my post in the
archives "Re: Ceramics Graduate Programs in UK and Wales" which I submitted
back in October 2001.

Janet Kaiser - Come to think about it, I typed all that with addresses and
contacts details and not a word of thanks... Seems to be quite a common
thing these days. I even had an abusive father e-mail me the other day,
because I had the timerity to say the brusk "I am doing an art course. Send
me photos of work by XYZ to this address: ...." without a please of a thank
you, would probably have more positive feed-back if the recipient were
asked politely.

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