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roommate needed for nceca

updated wed 18 jan 06


gregg lindsley on tue 22 jan 02

Hi everyone-

Looking for a roommate for the NCECA. I will be
there from Wednesday night through Saturday night,
leaving Sunday. Please e mail me if you are

Gregg Lindsley
Earth and Fire Pottery
10325 Brookside Drive
Whispering Pines, Ca. 95426

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SusanRaku@AOL.COM on thu 28 feb 02

A student from a local university called me tonight to find out how she might
find a roommate for the upcoming conference. She has her own room at the
Hyatt or can room in another place.

She sounded very nice. Please contact her at As
you may have guessed, her name is Julie.



Chic Lotz & Keith Montgomery on tue 17 jan 06

I booked a room Tuesday - Fri right
across the street from the convention center.
But my roommate has backed out at the last minute.

Any last minute clayarters looking for a female roomy?

Please contact me off Clayart ----