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sushi thanks/new gallery

updated mon 28 jan 02


Joyce Lee on sun 27 jan 02

Thank you for all the sushi/sushima/miso information. What started with =
a simple question about the nature of sushi plates as a spark from Les's =
aside ..... led to a new file chock full of information, and web sites =
with wonderful pictures. I must admit I still don't want to eat raw =
fish but am now accepting of the passion which nurtures the taste buds =
of those who do. At least I can now listen with some degree of =

After preparing for slabbing a dozen or so sushi pots, the phone rang =
with word that a new gallery has opened in our neighboring town. Within =
an hour I was at the door of The Rock House Gallery, which is in the =
oldest building in our part of the Mojave ... not very old by many =
standards, but it does indeed look ancient. There are only a few artists =
represented at the moment, but isn't that exciting? The owner also =
serves as an "artists' agent," not solely for our area, but throughout =
wherever her new endeavor takes her. I await with anticipation to see =
how the gallery and agenting develop in our small town, which is =
populated with rich layers of diversity, each layer so thin that it =
crumbles at the edges; thus we must either mingle&mix, or live in =
unadorned isolation.

In the Mojave longing to remain snug in her bed, but unable to break the =
early-morning habit of checking on claybuds. All is silent .... no caws =
of the ravens nor clucking-knocking from the roadrunner, no visible =
light except the runway lights, which mean that a private pilot is awake =
somewhere overhead preparing to land.
A private world .....