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overseas pottery education

updated wed 30 jan 02


Neil Grant on wed 30 jan 02

We run a great programme here in New Zealand. The Otago Polytechnic =
School of Art was the first art school in New Zealand, opened 135 years =
ago. Ceramics became part of the course in 1925 and we provide Diploma. =
Degree and Masters Programmes in. Curently we have six sutents in =
ceramics, 3 Kiwis 2 from Korea and one American. Visit our website for a =
good look at the facilities and contact me any time. The lecturers =
include Madeleine Child, Lawrence Ewing and myself. Lawrence is also =
well known to Clayarters as he is responsible for the glaze proramme =
Matrix. Our contacts are

school site lots of pictures of staff and =
student work and a good tour around the school.


my contact

Hope to hear from you soon

Neil Grant

Senior Lecturer
Otago Polytechnic
School of Art
New Zealand