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overseas education? further information..

updated sun 3 feb 02


Cindy Romanski on sat 2 feb 02

Dear Clayarters,

First, I want to thank everyone who responded to my last post about overseas education.  I am tracking down some of the leads you all so generously gave.

Yet, I am still having trouble discerning the "Great" programs from the mediocre ones.  Websites are very glossy and sometimes it's hard to tell if the program is really all it seems.  I would love to speak with someone who studied overseas or people from Europe who read this list about some "GREAT" ceramics programs.  I have a strong interest in wood and salt firing and would want a program strong in that area.   I am looking for a one year certificate or diploma program in ceramics in any english speaking or english taught country.

Thanks in advance,

Cindy Romanski


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