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cm-my friend

updated tue 5 feb 02


Ron Collins on mon 4 feb 02

When we were trying to decide what to bring, not shipping anything....with
us when we drove the small S-10 pick up down, in the camper, for 4,000+
miles, through Texas, Mexico and into Guatemala, was an old Olympic crank up
softbrick raku kiln, nice electric one would not fit....old Creative
Industries wheel, ....and whatever would fit, ceramic wise--none of Ron's
nice tools, etc, but what was crammed in every nook and cranny and box was
Ceramics Monthlys.....everywhere....if we had to unload for customs we would
have been screwed, as it would never have all fit back in, but leaving
linens, silver, pretty things, behind- given away or sold, came the Ceramics
Monthlys. Subscribe if you want, don't if you want, but I still take stacks
to bed with me when I'm tired.......and still subscribe.....Melinda Collins,
Antigua, Guatemala
ps I just hate to see people criticize what saved my ass down here, before