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updated wed 6 feb 02


Kat Fode on mon 4 feb 02

Just returned to the list and have a request for ideas.
Teachers operate on a small budget and are always
wanting help with affordable projects. I have recently
gone to a elementry school and taught a clay project.
Had such good results, all the teachers want me back!

I need some new clay projects to teach the kids. We
made castles. Any ideas out there and anybody with
hints. (since I am pretty new at this)

Would really appreciate it.

Mud Kat

Michelle on tue 5 feb 02

I teach pottery five days a week for an afterschool program of all ages so I think I can
help you out a bit.( Our semesters are 17 weeks). We group our afterschool kids from 5-7,
7-9, 9 and up(believe it or not we also have classes for 3 and 4 year olds). Here are
some of the projects: make a candle holder out of a pinch pot and decorate it to look
like an animal,you can use a similar idea and turn the pinch pot upside down and turn it
into a bell, name plaques, molds can be great especially if you do not have a lot of
time. I get small plastic cups and have them cover the cup with coils, spirals or
pancakes, with or without a handle, same thing with small plates. You can go to a store
buy a pack of the little plates and use those as mold(just remember to cover them so the
clay does not stick. We have had them make soap dishes out of pinch pots. Coil vases of
any shape(star, heart square etc.) This should get you started if you need more feel free
to contact me. I have lots more.

Good Luck

Michelle Sholtis
437 E. 12th St. Apt 1
New York, NY 10009

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