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finding info on kc during nceca (long)

updated thu 7 feb 02


Katheleen Nez on wed 6 feb 02

I emailed to get information about
the area around Penn Valley Park - I was thinking of
staying at a hotel on B'dwy below the Community
College. I got an email back (dated Nov.2001):
(from Amy Lenning@visitkc) "Penn Valley is about 5
minutes driving time from the Westin. It's not too
far, but I wouldn't walk it."
I have a gallery owner friend here in Santa Fe who is
from KC and I pump him for info about getting around:
(from Ken of KC) "The hotels in the Crown Center area
are about 1 to 1.5 mi. from the Community College. The
area is safe; but at night take a cab. If you're
walking in the daytime, Penn Valley Park is beautiful,
with rolling hills and trees, and you can cut
diagonally across the park if you have a good
sense of direction. Walk from Crown Center SW toward
the tall Liberty Memorial tower, then across the mall
that stretches S of the memorial tower, then past the
hospital, cutting through those side streets behind
the hospital, or through more park, guiding on the
10story office building at 31st and Broadway across
from the hospital. This is a neighborhood I've known
all my
life and think it is one of the most habitable urban
parks I know."
I emailed Ken and asked about the tours mentioned in
Mon Feb 2 postings:
"As to museums, you'd want to see KCAI, Kemper, Nelson
Atkins, but you could take a taxi, or city bus South
on Main Street to 44th, then walk East a block to the
Kemper (44th and Warwick), and the other two are
adjacent. Skip Overland Park. You might want to go to
Lawrence, the Spencer Museum is excellent, the pottery
studios and design department at KU."
Ken forwarded my email to his daughter who lives in
the Riverfront District for more info on the city art
scene. If anyone would like me to field questions I
would be willing to - contact me offline. But you
know, there is a heck of a lot to be said about
"winging" it in a new city. I had never been in the
South - Who Knew they had a great Irish pub right next
door to the Mint Museum. And an excellent &
inexpensive Southern cooking restaurant near the base
of the Holiday Inn in downtown Charlotte. By the way,
Greg, I am booked to stay at the Fairfield...see you
around NCECA...

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