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manganese purple, cone 06-04

updated thu 7 feb 02


George Mackie on wed 6 feb 02

In the good, sorry I mean bad, old days of lead glazes I could get
beautiful violets with manganese oxide but all my current alkaline or
boron glazes give grungy browns. Hamer & Hamer say " glazes high in alkali
and low in alumina can be given a beautiful violet colour with 1-3%
manganese oxide" so I thought I would try frit 3134 by istelf, as it has
no alumina and quite a lot of alkaline components, but it didnt work
either. Could boron be the culprit? More to the point can any kind
clayartist give me recipe for a good reliable, non-crazing, cone 06-04,
manganese purple or violet glaze? George