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ez up-ez down

updated fri 8 feb 02


Barb Lund on thu 7 feb 02

Unless you are only doing a few rain and wind-free shows a year, I =
don't reccomend EZ up or Kd canopies. They can blow over on to your =
neighbors booth and pool water in the corners so that your canopy breaks =
under the wieght of the water. There are those that are out there who =
will say that they have never had these troubles with these canopies, =
but I have had one collapse on a rainy night I was not around, and I =
have seen many many go over, collapse, or roll down the street. Go for =
a barrell shape or dome shaped canopy if you value your pots and your =
neighbors work! They cost a lot more but are generally more durable and =
can last for many years- thought none are perfect! Good Luck!

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