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studio swap

updated sun 10 feb 02


Ron Collins on sat 9 feb 02

This is what I think...

1.It could be like a guild....Being international member, and lonely for the
fun .....

2. Three or four respected members of clayart who are respected and have the
time could be the "selection board." they could even be anonymous.....All
communications about selection should be off line. There has to be a
way....not so much for knowledge, just for integrity, and honesty among
"swapees" . It's private, not "official", so whether people get in or not,
keep it off clayart.

3. Apply and give references, professional and personal. Most people with
studios which are complete probably are known around their area for their
work anyway. I don't think it should necessarily be just "published" folks,
as of course, that would exclude me, at the moment, which of course I don't
want. Most people who are nice folks, and I think most on clayart are, are
already on the list, and the "guild" wouldn't accept anyone that's not been
approved and part of the group already, or can't provide good credibility if
they join and apply.

4. It's a "guild" type not everyone can get in....tough would screen out the weirdo's...and the only "swapping" could be
between members.

5. We need to really remember...this is our STUDIO we are talking about,
and our home too, maybe. I am not willing to relinquish my possesions to
someone not approved. I worked hard for what I have and don't want to come
back to it in a different condition than when I left it. I think electric
kiln owners, who own no other kilns should seriously consider the
possibility of "user error". I paid $4000 to get a 2,000 kiln here, and as
far as I'm concerned, they could just use my gas ones. Electric would have
to be out of the question. It's not that I wouldn't respect the person,
it's just that I can't afford to replace, and no reason I should have to. I
want to meet the person who has never screwed up an electric kiln firing,
whether test kiln, or large. You can also screw up gas firings, as I have,
but they require closer attention. And you could limit your kiln access to
small or test, or none. Sophisticated kiln set-ups require that the one with
the knowledge be around, anybody knows that.

6. My ideal situation would be to give a workshop at their studio, with
owner on site, for one week, and then figure out the rest with them. Get to
know the other local potters, with the workshop being low cost, so people
would attend, and then spend a little time "away from home" enjoying their
area. I think a reciprocity of techniques, during that week, would be the
"clay experience" enough for me. Then, a week or so of fun. Then, they
would come to my home, and do the same thing.

7. Some people want long term, others short, but there are many people on
clayart who have much to offer and would like a respite from their daily
grind, on a trade out basis, maybe just a "busman's holiday."

8. There has to be liability concerns, which probably ends the whole
possibility..... why I like living out of the US.....although I'm Texan to
the core.......if you sue me and you want it, try to find it. I think that
for our sponsoring organization of clayart...they should be removed in any
way from any liability whatsoever. I has to be a private agreement between
private parties.

9. Just to get going, I like the idea of regional, simple, inexpensive
exchange of workshops among friends, both for exchange of information and
the meeting of different potters and friends. There are lots of places I've
never been, and there are clayart knowledgeable people living where I'd like
to visit.

10. We are "pen pals" whether we want to admit it or not, and it would be
nice to meet, in an informal exchange of what we love to do. Generousity
and willingness to share play a large part. I don't think it's for

In the end, although it's a great idea, liability issues will end up ruining
it for all....hope I'm wrong....Tom Sawyer, your opinion? Melinda Collins,
Antigua, Guatemala