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tiles/warping/for intermedie studio potters such as i

updated sun 10 feb 02


Joyce Lee on sat 9 feb 02

I've not yet had a project going that was
dependent upon the tiles I was making
turning out well and not warping. Therefore, as fate would have it, =
I've never had a warped tile........ yet. I roll my slabs for tiles =
with a Bailey slab roller using a canvas shim. After allowing the slab =
to rest a bit, I use a template to cut the tiles with a needle tool. =
After setting a bit more, I turn them upside down, by
turning the canvas upside down, onto a piece of wallboard. The =
wallboard has been edged with duct tape so as to not crumble or unravel. =
I then top the wallboard containing the tiles with a second sheet of =
wallboard of the same size .... creating a tile sandwich... after making =
sure that the tiles are distributed evenly over the wallboard. Atop =
this I loosely drape a large plastic trash bag. Periodically ... ever =
few hours in this arid climate ..... I turn over the whole sandwich, =
being careful not to slide the tiles. It's worked so far. Occasionally a =
tile situated at the outside edge will crack, but no warping. I'm sure =
the idea came from Clayart.

In the Mojave where it was shirtsleeves and shorts weather today .... =
until evening.... temperature is now dropping rapidly ..... actually =
pretty normal desert climate. If I were to go out this evening, I'd wear =
a heavy coat for sure. Good weather for North Carolina Pork Barbecue =
(sans pit) from 'Clayart Cooks'....... smells inviting.... driving the =
puppy nuts......=20