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free production shelving in northern calif

updated wed 13 feb 02


Bkpottery@AOL.COM on tue 12 feb 02

Hi to all clayarters... I have to tell you all......amazing to me....I
posted here a few weeks ago about equipment for sale and in 2 weeks time
almost 30 years of pottery "stuff" is sold. ...many kilns, wheels, and other
things accumulated along the way in a high production studio.
Here is an updated list of what is left.......ALSO I am giving away for free
all of my wood production shelving. There must be over 50 shelving units.
You can see what they look like on my websight They will
all be available around mid March as I empty the studio so give me a call if
you are interested at 925-946-1707.
\The list:

15 ton ram press including molds $5500.00
5 ton ram press including molds $2500.00
bats and work boards double sided masonite $2.50 any size
some slump molds for slab work
hand thrown, slabbed and rammed bisque in cone 10 bmix and soldate - also
see websight for quality
I have enjoyed being a silent reader of clayart for many years....thanks to all......Laurie Berkson-Spray