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nceca - karen terpstra

updated wed 13 feb 02


Brian Molanphy on tue 12 feb 02

karen t wrote:

'Would a few of you professors on the list be interested in meeting at
NCECA and discussing syllabi? Maybe meet sometime in the Clayart Room?
It would be a great help for new Prof's especially I think. Doesn't
have to limited to Prof's either---anyone sincerely interested in

strange, if this is the National Council on EDUCATION in the Ceramics Arts,
i would think that karen's suggestion would be an integral part of the
program, not a sideshow. hey, i loved the denver conference and am looking
forward to kc, but want to play devil's advocate. with all the fascinating
programs that are scheduled on the nceca poster, don't y'all think that a
meeting like the one karen proposes should get publicity and a ballroom
space? yes it's too late this year. but generally, isn't this why nceca was


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