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updated thu 14 feb 02


karen terpstra on wed 13 feb 02

Hi Brian,
Well I certainly don't want to offend any NCECA people who read
Clayart. I have attended NCECA for a number of years and learned a
tremendous amount of knowledge. I've have seen lots and lots of great
ceramic work at NCECA that has really broadened my perception of what
good (and bad) work is.. Always so inspiring too!

I guess I am sensitive to all the discussion on Clayart regarding what
the potter needs to know vs. what is taught in schools and what is not.
The majority of students who go through the ceramics classes at UW-La
Crosse are non-art majors. They want to pursue ceramics as hobby. Some
have said they would like to make some money first then do pottery later
in life. Some are Art Education majors. Less than a handful are
ceramic students pursuing grad school. Quite a variety to deal with.

I get lots of information on a weekly basis for them from the Clayart
Archives. For example, I take 5-10 minutes now on a weekly basis and we
discuss someone's post on entering an art show for the first time.
Kelly's (primalmommy) post was tremendous for them to hear. Last year a
few advanced students were trying to get pink shino's and at the same
time, Mel's article came out in CM and lots of advice followed on
Clayart. We shared it in class.

Any thing that has to do with business practices for the potter, I now
keep in a handy file at school. There are ALWAYS questions from
students in this area. We are fortunate here to have a class for art
majors called "Studio Practices"; taught by a great metals teacher who
has run a successful studio at the same time for 30 years. He shares
his syllabus with me for my students who are not required to take the
class and can't get in. I also give him posts from Clayart. For
example, Linda Arbuckle's post a few years ago on "How to write a letter
of intent". My examples are really too numerous to mention here.

This is why I am so excited about Potters Council. I see it filling a
need or void-if you will. There is plenty of room for NCECA, Potters
Council, and Clayart as far as I'm concerned. They are all important to
me and my students.

Yes, Brian, maybe this would have made a neat Break-out Session or
something and it is too late for that...but I am willing to share
syllabi and ideas with others for now in the Clayart room if anyone is

Happy firings,
Karen Terpstra
La Crosse, WI

Kurt Wild on wed 13 feb 02

I certainly agree whole heartedly with Karen's post of Wed, 13 Feb 2002
08:28:27 -0600 and her discussion of Clayart and her use of it with
classes. There is a wealth of information that passes through Clayart
waiting for those open to it. I wish Clayart had been around when I was

Kurt Wild
River Falls, WI 54022

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