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ceramic tech artist fee based classes

updated sat 16 feb 02


Working Potter on fri 15 feb 02

I have just been solicited to do a program for the summer and was told it
would be like a visiting artist one fee based situation and that the amount
of time and duration of the program[s] were up to me as long as the final
product gave them a program which produced ''art'' to be mounted in the
facility after the class for an unkown duration for generating interest in
their clay programs that goon during the rest of the year[this is a summer
gig when the regular instructor will not be teaching.This is not a school.I
am wondering what the going rate is these days as I haven't done any classes
for nearly 10 years.I do not want to underprice the others doing this as a
regular job so I need to know what to be asking.You may post it direct if
you do not wish it on the list and if the list wants I can post a range from
the feedback.thanks for any help.I think they want something for school aged
in several class categories plus adults then seniors.Does any teach at camps
in the summer on this list?