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help! nceca roommate needed

updated sat 16 feb 02


Gail Dapogny on fri 15 feb 02

Okay, now I've done it...yesterday, in a fit of impulsiveness, I registered
for NCECA and found a flight. I realize I have no room for whining, it was
my own delayed doing!
That said...
Is there anyone, especially in the Crown Westin (where Clayart is
located!!) or the Hyatt, who needs or would put up with a roommate (or an
additional roommate)??? I'm arriving Wed morning, staying until Sunday,
but would happily accept any configuration of days offered.
I'm a reasonably quiet, well-behaved, non-smoker; and I'm flexible: could
sleep on a rollaway, or share a bed; could wait until everyone else is
finished with the bathroom, etc.
Please help!!!

One of your needy, hopeful fellow clayarters,
Gail Dapogny (

Gail Dapogny
1154 Olden Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48103-3005
(734) 665-9816