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mug exchange/karin

updated sat 16 feb 02


Diane Ayers on fri 15 feb 02

I felt that I needed to respond to your post about your recent experience
mentioned on Clayart addressing last years Mug exchange. I am sorry that you
had to go through this.

I hope that you continue to participate because believe it or not, there are
some nice people lurking on this list that are considerate individuals. I
would like to think that I am one of them.

My experience with the "stay at home exchange" was one of the highlights of

I was fortunate enough to be paired with a Clayart member whose work and
mentorship is well known to this group.

I am but a novice hobby potter/shipping clerk. I worked so hard trying to
make and accurately fire a bowl for this man that I just about got physically
ill! I was mixing glazes, buying glazes and over-firing glazes! I
exhausted myself wondering what I could possibly make that wouldn't end up in
a landfill somewhere. As it turned out, what I reluctantly sent was the best
that I had at the time. It was graciously accepted.

In exchange, I was sent the most beautiful anagama fired bowl that I have
ever encountered. It is displayed at the center point of my home. It lives
and breathes and is admired by all who enter it's space. A rare treasure, an
inspiration, and a joy to hold.

I personally have never met Frank Gaydos (my exchange partner), maybe I never
will, but I have learned much because of him. Much more than the technical
data that he shares with us all, I received acceptance, a bit of kindness and
the inspiration to do my best. I am eternally grateful.

So Karin, don't give up, there is a flip side!
You could be an inspiration to someone else in 2002.

There are many silent people on this list who are plugging away just trying
to make a difference, one pot at a time.

Diane Ayers
Robbinsdale MN