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painting tools/ lending things

updated sat 16 feb 02


Richard Mahaffey on thu 14 feb 02


I can understand about being crazy losing tools. I sometimes mark my
stuff so I can remember what is mine. I am the same way about books.
I had a mint copy of the 1897 "The Story of Palissy The Potter" that I
loaned to an under grad while I was in Grad school. She needed it to do
a report and the only other mention of him was a couple of lines in a
large compilation book on world ceramics. So anyway I let her borrow
it. A few weeks later she told me that her dog chewed it while she was
on the phone. (Yet another reason dogs are not a good as cats.)

Still makes me crazy that what had survived some 75 years was now in sad
shape. I still have a copy, but it is not my mint first edition any
more. She offered to find another copy, her dad was a rare book
collector. She could not find one even in bad shape.

Ah well.............