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nceca roomsharing is a great idea.

updated mon 18 feb 02


James Bowen on sun 17 feb 02

If you have a room already, good for you. You might consider
sharing . It is a great idea. Save money, and make some new
friends for life. I got lucky at the Denver NCECA. I live
about two hours from Denver. Staying at a hotel instead of
driving seemed like a good idea, especially since I wanted
to sign up for some workshops. Along comes a request on
Clayart from Tom Buck for a roommate. By the time I
responded there were four of us (AKA "the gang of four").
Don Goodrich, Jon Singer, Tom, and myself. Two of us use the
floor and two the beds.What a room that first one at the
Adams Mark. A suite with a large conference table, real
luxury, much bigger that the clayart room( in all honesty
the broom closet may have been bigger than the clayart
room). We reprised the act at Charlotte and are doing it
again at KC. Lots of great camaraderie, conversation,
sharing and learning.
Sharing with someone previously unknown to you has so many
benefits, I cannot list them all.
I shared for only one night with Richard Selfridge. His
plane was very late arriving and he was very hungry so we
walked across the street for some food. At the restaurant we
encountered Nils Lou. Richard introduced us, and I learned
as much about ceramics over a sandwich and fries that night
as I knew before that chance meeting. Meeting Richard and
handling some of his work was a great experience. Plus being
new to the
ceramic scene I at least had two people I could acknowledge
as acquaintances. Then Jon, Tom, and Don arrived along with
the Mayor and the Clayart room. From that first night
forward I didn't have to stand in the corner watching. I
could participate because I KNEW someone.
By the by if you haven't visited Don or Richard's websites
you should. It will give some insight into two fine gents.
Stay Centered
James Bowen
Boyero CO

Marie Gibbons on sun 17 feb 02

ok.... a friend and I have a room at the Hyatt.... it is 120 a nite, and we
would like to find one or two others to share with.... I haven't answered any
of the room seekers because most of them (i think maybe all of them) have
said non smokers....
we are both female, both mild smokers, but not in the hotel room it is a non
smoker room ... both away from our spouses, jobs and drugery of everyday
life, looking forward to a few days of clay clay clay.

email me off list if you are interested in sharing a room.... prefer female

marie gibbons