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ron roy at loyalist college

updated wed 20 feb 02


Helen Bates on tue 19 feb 02

> From:
> Liz Willoughby
> P.S. Took a course this week-end at Loyalist College by Ron Roy.
> Nice to hear all those insightful things again about methods of work,
> how we work, why we work, and inspiration. And of course a lot about
> materials, glaze stability, and THE BOOK, Mastering Glazes. Thanks
> Ron for inspiring me once again.

Liz, you did what I meant to do, express my appreciation for the
opportunity to see Ron work. The photos of his tableware and other
pieces are grand to see online, but as always, physically seeing (and
holding them) gives more than mere digital images can, no matter how

Ron's work is here:
(Wheel-thrown, carved Tenmoku glazed porcelain tableware)
(Note: no two sets are exactly alike.)
Also here's one piece:

And, "THE BOOK" can be ordered via this site:

Thanks to Ron for his time and kindness. A very friendly person, and a
rather modest man.


PS: As time permits I hope to put a few photos on my little web site
from Ron's workshop, with his permission.


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