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william hendry's request - tile surface texture

updated thu 21 feb 02


LOGAN OPLINGER on wed 20 feb 02

Hello William,

Am I correct in assuming that you would like to roll out clay slabs with a rough surface?

If so, a couple of materials/processes come to mind:

Make a clay cylinder from a thick flat slab of clay pressed into the following surfaces for example;

**Rough sawn lumber.

**Split logs, positive and negative surfaces.

**Washed concrete w/ variable aggregate, thick clay slab pressed onto surface will create a negative surface on the clay.

**Asphalt paving, similar to concrete.

Bisque fire the cylinder, then mount it on a piece of aluminum pipe or large diam. wooden dowel to create a heavy "rolling pin". Fill the space between the inside of the cylinder and the pipe or dowel w/ plaster.


I have not had much time to think about this, but I hope this is somewhat helpful.

Logan Oplinger.

William wrote:

>All of the books\instructions on how to make tiles promote using some
type of rolling device to get the slab even. I'd like to hear some ideas
about how to get an uneven texture, say for example, resembling rough
stone or just a more sculpted look.<


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