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english language japan pottery site (was: belly laughing)

updated fri 22 feb 02


Janet Kaiser on thu 21 feb 02

Joyce, what about someone (unspecified gender) who laughs like a
demented sea-lion or over-excited donkey when they really get going?
Giggle? Never! Far too demure... :-) Like they say: "Laugh and the
world laughs with you. Cry and you cry alone"

But that is not what I was going to write about... Bob Yellin just
sent me this URL from Japan:

It is a "Learn more about Japanese Pottery" English language site, so
I thought some of you Clay Buds may be interested. I sadly cannot
check it out because I am unable to surf at the moment... I keep
getting dumped. FTP and e-mail is OK, so it is a weird problem. I say
e-mail is OK, but I am getting back-dated messages and think I must be
missing others. If Bob has already passed on this site, sorry for any

Janet Kaiser
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