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great sliptrailer/otherwise self-indulgent post

updated sat 23 feb 02


Joyce Lee on fri 22 feb 02

I've only very recently pushed myself into serious attempts at using =
slip decoration. I am not naturally artistic, not even really =
particularly instinctively crafty.
In addition, I have minimal background in arts .... or in arts&crafts. =
ALL of what we do is a struggle for me because I do seem to have an eye =
for good work (not a Great Eye, but still discriminating) which means I =
can also determine when my work is BAD. Interesting at times, yes, but =
often bad, as in Not Good.=20

On the other hand, I know that I'm a quick study when it comes to =
recognizing and repeating or modifying
process .... seeing patterns ... detecting codes .... and am able =
instinctively to apply this often enough in my relationships with =
people...... and puppies. This paragraph is here solely to let you know =
that I'm not a "victim" who berates herself in order to gain attention =
from naysayers who believe that we are all gifted artistically because =
that's been=20
their personal experience since birth...
nor am I one who hopes to garner kudos
for modesty/humility .... a quality which at my age makes me want to =
barf.... or would if I detected it in myself. I could go on.... such =
fun to talk about oneself, eh? BUT

The whole purpose of this post is to tell you that Chris Hendley's Slip =
Trailer is making my life more rewarding. It's shaped like a large =
pipe.... you know what kind ..... the bowl of which holds the slip ..... =
the stem allows the slip to flow from the bowl ..... AND has a stem =
insert which
allows for a thinner line, also. I've attempted various bottles, =
needles etc and this is the first such that has worked for me. =
Extremely clever of Chris! It only took a couple of tries for me to get =
the hang of it, which is not the usual case for me in handling tools =
either. I am not a tool person.... never have been ..... always have =
Gotten Things Done, though, by appealing to somebody else.... I continue =
to be rewarded for such behavior because such appeals have brought =
magnificent people into my life.... =20

Mama Luce said thousands of time, "If you need help, first look at the =
hand at the end of your own arm ..... then look around and see how =
others work it out ..... THEN come to me." But Mama Luce isn't around =
except in the heads&hearts of those who knew her .. so it's soothing to =
have claybuds to help.

In the Mojave just going with it since the Mayor isn't here to regulate =
the flow..... poor baby.... he never knows what I have wrought in his =
absence.... tolerant soul, though....... tolerant of all of us...... =
makes for a Great List......