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updated sat 23 feb 02


Joyce Lee on fri 22 feb 02

Just ran a post from a newbie asking about NCECA. Please note and help =
her out. Name's Michelle. She'll be on today's list.

I have a room reserved at the Westin that I'm not going to use. I'm =
staying at the Hyatt. I don't know how this works. If
one of you wanted the room, do hotels usually allow such a switch.... or =
would I need to cancel and then you reserve??
I don't want the room to remain in my name.

In the Mojave where the critters are plump and happy ..... almost =
and the flicker is trying to ratatat right into the computer room ... I =
look up and see a slash of a RIO underwing..... if only I could capture =
THAT on a pot.... the wing line AND the color...... Hank Murrow could =
but I'm having a struggle getting his glazes to look the way they do on =
his pots..... Hank, did you know that one of the lighter shino pots =
....... when re-fired in an electric to 1800 F developed a gorgeous =
orange lining...... gorgeous....
and the outside is nice, too. I re-fired the darker shino, too, that was =
just a satiny plain brown..... interesting... you can see the color =
trying to emerge but it's mostly brown with a thin mottled oatmeal look =
on top.