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sliptrailer/ self-indulgent

updated sat 23 feb 02


Dannon Rhudy on fri 22 feb 02

.....>I'm a quick study
>The whole purpose of this post is to tell you that Chris Hendley's Slip
Trailer is making my life more rewarding. It only took a couple of tries
for me to get the hang of it, which is not the usual case for me in
handling tools either. I am not a tool person......

Aw, Joyce - I was going to jump all over you with both feet
for your post. Then I realized that it wasn't about having
trouble getting from there to here (we all do) but about a new
tool from Chris Hendley. His tools are great, and I really
like the ones I have. I almost never use slip trailers,
but his tools are beautiful, and the more so for being, as you
say, user-friendly.

Reckon Ah'll have to git me a-one o' them thar
trailers, see if'n Ah lahk it. (That's just for Joyce - in
case she's homesick for the hill-country.)


Dannon Rhudy