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genl color copper red recipes analysised

updated sat 2 mar 02


Carol Tripp on fri 1 mar 02

Thanks to Ababi, Ron Roy and Tony Hansen and Insight, I have cracked the
copper red at ^6 in electric kilns CM May 99 Peason's article recipes. I
am not sure how useful it would be to post these recipes and their analyses
on Clayart as these recipes involve special General Color frits and their
Color Mixtures and when all is said and done - they are a pain; some give
really really ugly results and all of them are extremely finicky.

If anyone would like the analyses, I would be happy to post you privately.
Or if you are looking for a thick glaze that's liver-colored with a lacy
grey membrame over it (shudder), well, I have one...or even two for you.

I may or may not pursue reformulating these glazes into something useful.
It's all down to stamina and where it should be best directed. I have
learned that one ought to try for the best one can do with the kiln one has
and not chase glazes that are best left done in another type and atmosphere
of kiln. I am still waiting for Ron and John's book - airmail to Dubai in
over a month. Sign. Will it ever arrive?

Best regards,
A mega wedding is being prepared up the street; a giant marquee has been
erected to fill a three acre empty plot of sand. The "tent" has been lined
with gold and white curtains, hung with crystal chandeliers, has five
enormous a/c units to keep the guests cool, carpets laid on the sand, comfy
chairs for sitting and not nearly enough parking. It's like watching a
gathering storm; it will be big, loud and will leave one wonderering when
will it ever end because these celebrations go on for a week at least!

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