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late book wasre: genl color copper red recipes analysised

updated sat 2 mar 02


Carol Tripp on sat 2 mar 02

Dear John,
I apologize. I was having a moan and I should not have made it public.
Many things take ages to arrive here, especially since the white powder in
the mail events of last year. For some strange reason, the postal
authorities isolate and hold all mail from the US for an unknown length of
Hey all you Clayarters - look at this sterling service. Thanks very much,
Best regards,
PS Now I will probably never chase the copper reds!

>From: John Hesselberth
>Subject: Re: Genl Color Copper Red recipes analysised
>Date: Fri, 01 Mar 2002 20:53:19 -0500
>on 3/1/02 7:03 AM, Carol Tripp at cjtripp@HOTMAIL.COM wrote:
> > I am still waiting for Ron and John's book - airmail to Dubai in
> > over a month. Sign. Will it ever arrive?
>Hi Carol,
>Your book was shipped on about Jan 21 from Canada. It should have arrived
>long time ago--I wish you had spoken up earlier. I am going to ship you
>another one tomorrow from the US by Global Priority Mail. Please let me
>know when this one arrives--it should be in 5-10 business days.
>web sites: and
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>conceal badly shaped pots..." David Green, Pottery Glazes

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