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nceca getting ready

updated sat 2 mar 02


Barbara Brown on fri 1 mar 02

Dear Clayarters,
I'm looking forward to seeing you at the clayart room and I have made
200 pottery postage stamp magnets to give away in the clayart room. So
please take a couple when you visit the room. I have also made a few
extra on other subjects such as Vermeer, the painter and Andy
Goldsworthy, Rikki and Bacia both want Vermeer postage stamp magnets.
One of things I like to do to get ready for NCECA is to check out the
keynote speaker and the Randall Session speaker.
The keynote speaker, Wed eve, is James Elkins. His topic is "Two ways
of thinking about Ceramics" I went on the internet to see what I could
find out about him and found he has written several books. I went out
and bought "How to Use Your Eyes". Read it, enjoyed it very much and
took it to my classes and shared it with my students. He's also written
"The Object Stares Back" and "What Painting Is". I'm looking forward to
hearing his talk.
The Randall session speaker is John Water, the film maker. You'll have
to do an internet search and decide for yourself.
Last year's Randall Session speaker, Coleman Barks, reading and talking
about Rumi was one of my NCECA highlights.

Barbara Brown phone/fax 408-736-3889
1225 Manzano Way,Sunnyvale,Ca. 94089