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making clay/ash glaze

updated wed 6 mar 02


Jim Tabor on sun 3 mar 02

Mels' a trooper. I believe he deserves to be even called a special force. May the
force be with you! There have been many great responses but I am ready to move on.
My delete key is getting worn out on this one.

Are there any takes on ash glaze you want to share?

Some weeks ago I suggested a "bonehead mistake" be salvaged by converting the
wasted material into an ash glaze or at the least to add it to the scrap bucket.
I understood about an equal amount of silica was dumped into a bin of frit 3134
with about 20#'s of materials contaminated. I have since done the test to see what
would happen with ash added at 40% + 10% EPK and it looked under fired at ^1 but a
nice matte at ^3 when thin. Not strings yet, but a little higher temp and maybe
more frit would be an interesting glaze at ^6. Working up a suitable glaze is a
lot more exciting than what's under it. I make an economical ^1 claybody and my
students and I dabble with glaze tests to fit it because the temp gives the
strength, color, and qualities needed but that is less important to them and
others as what they see - the glaze or slips.

I've been a dabbler for a long time and proud of it. Experimenting with hunches
that are sometimes educated is dabbling to me. I've dabbled in making kilns,
potter's wheels, all kinds of tools and pottery equipment, glazes and claybodys
for a few decades now and was most unhappy when it wasn't dabbling. I'm secure
enough to not be affected by labels and, my guess is, Mel is too. I see growing
and expanding one's understanding is dabbling at it's best.

I also dabble with computers and created an animation on throwing in a program
called Dabbler.

We have snow in Tulsa and ashes in the fireplace. Anyone else have an interest in
the oldest glazes used by previous dabblers/potters ?


Katheleen Nez on tue 5 mar 02

I just fired to cone 10 gas redux wood ash (nothin
else) ext shino int the wood ash where drippy green
rest of ext concrete texture & color How can you
expect anything but Cool...nezbah

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