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studio tech position / opening

updated tue 5 mar 02


Molinaro, Joe on mon 4 mar 02

STUDIO TECH POSITION / Eastern Kentucky University

An opening for a studio tech position in ceramics at Eastern Kentucky
University is available beginning in the Fall of 2002. In exchange for
approximately 8 hours of work per week, you are given a studio space,
materials and firings. Familiarity with clay and glaze mixing, firing =
general studio functions are desired. Preference is given to those who =
recently completed their undergraduate degree and are wishing to =
pursue their own work in order to become better qualified for either
graduate studies and/or opening their own studio.

Eastern Kentucky University ( is located in Richmond,
Kentucky and has a student population of approximately 16,000. The Art
Department, which is primarily an undergraduate program, offers a BFA =
art degree, BS degree in Art, and a BS in Art Education. There are =
250-300 Art majors.

The ceramics facilities comes with a large throwing area (about 16 =
wheels -
Brent, Soldner, Creative Industries, Shimpo, Randall and Leach treadle), =
large Brent slab rollers, and a Brent extruder. There are three =
kiln areas: the first being indoor and housing ten electric kilns of =
sizes (some with computer controls) and two large Alpine gas kilns. Two
other areas outside house six kilns: salt, soda, wood, raku, pit firing
facilities as well as an anagama.

In addition, there are two clay mixers (Bluebird and Soldner), a spray
glazing area, a glaze formulating/mixing facility (complete with =
as well as ample work space for both handbuilding, throwing and glazing.

There are regular visiting artists workshops offered to support class =

Anyone interested in this position for the Fall of 2002 should contact:

Joe Molinaro
Art Department
309 Campbell Building
Eastern Kentucky University
Richmond, KY 40475

(859) 622-1634

Also, anyone wishing to discuss this position with me in person should =
arrangements to meet with me at the NCECA conference in Kansas City.