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ceramic terms in spanish chamote

updated sat 9 mar 02


Viviane escolar on thu 7 mar 02

the word chamote is correct. It is not a localism. It is widely used in
south America. I too had great difficulty with Spanish terms on arrival to
Latin America. however I went and bought the best ceramic book written in
Spanish and I was teaching pottery in Spanish in no time. For those
interested, the book is from an editorial house called Parramon ediciones
s.a. .and the book is simply called La Ceramica. Parramon ediciones have
teaching books on everything you can think of in spanish. Remember too that
a person who does ceramics is an alfarero, and the activity is alfareria. It
makes searches easier in Spain.
later Vivi

Paul Bailey / Janet Moe on fri 8 mar 02


I am just curious. Where
are you located in Latin

Janet, on the Canadian West
Coast, where we were enjoying
sun and blooming crocuses
last weekend and are now
freezing in the snow, it's