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changing cobalt based cors in glazes?

updated fri 8 mar 02


Gary Elfring on thu 7 mar 02

I went to an Ian Currie glaze class last year and have
since made a number of grid tiles. I have the perfect
(for me ) Celadon glaze and a great standard base
glaze (all cone 10 R).

I want to do some simple line blends using, Cobalt Carb
as a colorant, with my base glaze.

I remember seeing pictures that showed that some ingrediant
altered the color produced by Cobalt, from the vivid blues to
a more redish blue. I think it was either Manganese or Magnesium,
but it could be something else. I can't find this mentioned in
either of the 2 books I have from Ian. Anyone know what metal
alters the color of Cobalt in glazes, and maybe what percentage
would be a good place to start my line blend at?

PS: I strongly recommend Ian's class for anyone interested in
making their own glazes!

Best regards,