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updated fri 8 mar 02


John Hesselberth on thu 7 mar 02

Is everybody ready? I sure am; so is Ron.

We just wanted to take a minute to invite anyone who has been trying our
glazes (or any others for that matter) to bring tiles or small pieces for us
to see. We're dying to see both your successes and failures and will try to
help where we can. We will be in the Clayart room on and off. We will be
happy to sign any book that is put in front of us. Heck, we'll even sign
ones that aren't ours if we've had a drink or two first.

Ron, of course, is giving a talk on Thursday afternoon and we will both be
in the lobby of the conference area most of the rest of the afternoon after
that talk to answer questions, admire your samples, talk, laugh, whatever.

We are also doing signings at Axner's booth on Wednesday and Friday at 10
and at Annie's Mud Pie Shop booth on Wednesday and Friday at 1:30. Stop by
and see us then.

I'm looking forward to renewing old friendships and making new ones. I can
hardly wait.



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"Pots, like other forms of art, are human expressions: pleasure, pain or
indifference before them depends upon their natures, and their natures are
inevitably projections of the minds of their creators." Bernard Leach, A
Potter's Book.