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guilds working together

updated sun 10 mar 02


Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild on sat 9 mar 02

So far 14 guilds have replied to the survey we circulated last month.
This is a great start! We've posted the survey results on a special
"guilds" section of our website:

The survey results show just how active many guilds are; there
are some great ideas for programs which others might want to copy.

We've also set up a message board where guilds can post questions
(and answers!) for one another. We've initially "seeded" the
board with some of the questions that were submitted in
response to the survey. Please stop by the message board (at
the above website) to post your replies and your questions.
This guild-to-guild activity is not intended to compete with
or replace the Clayart list. It's a different type of forum
for a different type of discussion. Hopefully, it will lead to
some very substantive relationships in which organized groups
of potters can assist one another.

Just one example: there seems to be quite a bit of interest in a
"guild" session at NCECA in 2003. We're working on a formal
proposal to submit to NCECA. We're thinking of a Q&A panel
consisting of representatives from a number of guilds - maybe
followed by a meet and greet event of some sort. Ideas are

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Bob Nicholson
Webmaster, Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild