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wood-firing workshop with jack troy

updated mon 11 mar 02


Suekzoo@AOL.COM on sun 10 mar 02

The Kalamazoo Institute of Arts will host an Anagama Firing Workshop with
Jack Troy April 12 - 19. Kiln opening on April 27. Jack wll oversee the
loading and firing of the KIA's 600 cubic foot Anagama. Participants should
bring 50-60 cubic feet of bisqueware. Glazes will be provided on site. $370.
For more information or registration, contact Paul Flickinger at KIA, 314 S.
Park Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49007, (616) 349-7775, ext. 3182, or email or email the author of this post at

Sue Leabu
Kalamazoo, MI