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new orleans mug exchange

updated thu 14 mar 02


Crosby, Niki on wed 13 mar 02

I dont know if I would have time to do any get togethers but it sure would
be great to keep in touch with one another - like if any of you knew of a
local workshop comming up, or if there were any gallery showings of
interest. Lets see how many of us there are first I guess.

I want to keep posting on the list to encourage any other New Orleans area
potters not to be shy, if thats okay :)

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From: pjr []
Sent: Wednesday, March 13, 2002 11:20 AM
Subject: new orleans mug exchange

another new orleans potter here,
just wanted to see if you guys wanted to try and do this. i really
would like to just connect with others in the area and find out what
is doing. let me know if you all want to get anything together. take care,

pj rosenberg