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setting no mail while gone at nceca

updated wed 13 mar 02


Kenneth J. Nowicki on tue 12 mar 02

I'm off to Kansas City tomorrow (Tuesday) for the NCECA conference, so I'm
setting my Clayart to NO MAIL while away.

I had originally thought I'd leave it be... since I'm bringing my laptop...
thinking "oh I'll just check my emails every night to keep the posts from
building up"... but then thought better of myself... hahaha... Who am I
kidding? I KNOW I'll be busy running around KC all day and all night and
there will barely be enough time to sleep...

Oh this is going to be a well needed break for this stay-at-home-Dad... can't

You folks at home "hold the fort for us" while we're all away... and we'll
fill you in on the goodies that happened when we get back. :-)

See the rest of ya in the Clayart room... I'll be the one bringing the bottle
of Absolute Mandarin for at least one night of fun... heh heh... (I know Tony
C. and Mark Ward will appreciate that... lol) By the way, if anyone is
interested in going out for some serious KC barbecue for dinner a few of the
nights, let me know... (email me or post me a note in the Clayart room) I've
already got my eye on Arthur Bryant's Barbecue... and Gates Barbecue as
well... supposedly some of the top BBQ joints in KC... we'll see. :-)

See ya at NCECA!


Kenneth J. Nowicki
Port Washington, NY