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updated fri 15 mar 02


Lee Love on fri 15 mar 02

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>....I used to call them teabowls but it was explained to me by those who know
>much more than I that I couldn't make teabowls cause I'm not Japanese!!!!.....

All that is required is education and experience: Being open-minded enough
to learn about another aesthetic.

In '98, at the opening of a show Warren MacKenzie curated of Minnesota
and Wisconsin potters, near Nikko, MacKenzie was asked by the Abbot of Nikko
temple to make 100 teabowls for him. The Abbot knows something about tea
bowls and wanted tea bowls made by this American potter. :^)

A teacher at the Ninomiya community center, where my wife Jean teaches
English, asked Jean for some background information on Warren MacKenzie. She
was doing a tea demonstration, I think at a festival, and wanted to be able to
tell people who attended about the maker of the MacKenzie tea bowl she was
using. We sent here the flyer on the show near Nikko that has his bio and a
creative statement on it, along with comments by Tatsuzo Shimaoka, and the other
American participants in the show.

So, there is nothing 'racial' about tea bowls. It is just a matter of


Lee Love
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