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green tea & teabowls, etc.

updated fri 15 mar 02


Lee Love on fri 15 mar 02

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From: "Imzadi D."

> inparting flavor into the new batch of tea. Of course, those people died at
> earlier ages than now. Could be from all the bacteria in the cups as well as
> all the other factors back then.

Actually, :^), green tea (green is the best at this, not oolong or
"seasoned" tea), is mildly antiseptic. During my stays at Zen monasteries, in
Minnesota, Kyushu and Shikoku, the bowls for formal meals were washed at your
meditation seat. The final rinse is traditionally done with green tea and
this helps keep them microbally safe. Also, you drink all the wash water
except for a small amount that is offered as sustenance for "Preta" (hungry
beings.) So green tea is better than soap for this. :^)

Lee in Mashiko

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