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mug exchange partner?

updated sun 17 mar 02


Megan Ratchford on fri 15 mar 02

Hi! I'm sending this to the list because I haven't been able to reach =
my mug exchange partner. I know my mug was delivered to them and signed =
for but they have yet to answer my emails. So, just in the off chance =
they are not purposely ignoring me, or, god forbid, in the hospital, but =
unable to respond to my email I thought I'd post to the list.
* Please email me missing mug exchange partner!*
Has anyone not received any communication, let alone a piece, from =
their exchange partner? I understand people being late, but not one =
message? Should I call the hospitals in their area to see if I should =
send flowers? Am I making a big deal out of two weeks of silence?
In snowy cold Denver where a high fire salt kiln awaits me to fire =
Sunday morning.