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tea bowls: another point of view

updated sat 16 mar 02


Ababi on fri 15 mar 02

I thought about what I write here all over this day
I break it into two parts.

Part one
My Bedouin neighbors these who live in tents, minority as well as these
who lives in houses. Have the habit of welcoming the guests. They serve
you sheep rice and coffee. Bitter coffee un - drink -able. They serve
it in small mugs. Made out of ceramics. They buy it in shops, not a
special brand. They hold the tiny cup, enjoy the coffee that has been
poured from the "Fingan" the small pot with a long spout that was
earlier above the fire.
Most of them did not finish high school,( uneducated to the arrogant
western person) yet these little cups that look so much alike the
Japanese tea bawls, are making them happy.
You might hear the rhythmic sound of grinding the coffee. This is
their heritage. Most of them do not know where Japan is or who was
Johann Sebastian Bach.

Yet these little cups are part of their heritage!

Part two
Most of my wares are in this shape like an open mushroom. It does not
matter how I arrived to this shape yet I feel it kind of gives you
quietness, relaxation might say puritan way, minimalist.
The street lamps in my kibbutz have this shape too.
This shape gives us relaxation, concentration.
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