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teabowls - craig's

updated sat 16 mar 02


Carolyn DiPasquale on thu 14 mar 02

Ah, then, you haven't experienced Craig Martell's teabowls! Interesting
brushwork...exquisite in every way! Authentic right down to the little
"nipple" in the centre of the trimmed footring. Perhaps he will post one
on his website for all to see.


Elca Branman said...

>PS Its taken me 30 years and I am beginning to not see teabowls as
>lumps..however, there's rarely one I ever lust after.

Craig Martell on fri 15 mar 02

Hello Carolyn:

Thanks for the nice comments on my teabowls. I'd be happy to post one on
my website, if I had a website. I guess that will have to be done later
on. I do plan on making a website one of these days but I'm usually busy
making pots.

The tactile sensation you were talking about is actually a teaware
aesthetic that the Japanese call zangurishita. I hope I'm remembering this
correctly. When a teabowl is turned in the hand the user should experience
a "tactile happening" from differences in glaze texture and form of the pot.

Another thing I've been working on the past few years is "gaku" or hills
and peaks cut into the rim. After I center the clay, open, and make the
first pull, I cut the rim to have an odd number of gaku and then continue
throwing to make the landscape a bit softer and more spontaneous. I think
this adds a nice rhythm to the rim of the
pot. Anyway.............................................!

regards and thanks, Craig Martell in Oregon